I build user interfaces for the web.

I make webcomic.app, a website to create and publish motion comics.

Have you ever wondered how comics and manga would look like if they were originally conceived for screens instead of paper? This question got me thinking of all the ways web technologies could be used to improve the reading experience of webcomics.

So I'm making webcomic.app, a website for long-form webcomic creators to easily create and publish motion comics online by adding motion and sound to their webcomics.

I also implement website front-ends for a variety of clients.

Since 2015, I've worked remotely with teams of designers, developers, product managers and founders where I had to role of front-end developer. Below is a list of some of the projects I've worked on, sorted by date of completion and starting with the most recently completed.

Maalka Platform

I'm presently a freelancer at Turtle hired to help build the user interface of the Maalka Platform. The Maalka Platform is a website that enables cities and organizations around the world to deploy data-driven urban sustainability programs.

As one of the front-end developer on the team, my responsibilities include implementing features, fixing bugs and doing code reviews. We're building the interface of the website using React, Semantic UI, GraphQL and Apollo.

Rockt Portal

I was hired to help build the MVP of the smart contract powered social trading platform Rockt Portal.


I was hired to quickly build the website for the 2018 Teens Who Code Summer Camp. I worked with the founder and the designer to translate an Adobe XD design spec into a responsive web page.

The most challenging part was building the complex decorative layout of the "Activities" section, where I used CSS grid and every other layout trick I knew.

Teens Who Code online learning platform

The Teens Who Code online learning platform is a website that enables teachers to give interactive coding course sessions to students. We built a minimum viable product (MVP) of the project where I played the role of the front-end developer.

Screenshots of the website will available once it launches.

gradle.org and gradle.com

I joined the marketing team at Gradle Inc. on January 2018 as a web developer to help build and maintain gradle.org and gradle.com—the Jekyll-based websites succeeding the previous WordPress websites.

For 11 months, I worked closely with the marketing director, designer and other developers to find the best ways to present the Gradle open source project, documentation, training sessions and the enterprise solution.

Doppler Maps

I implemented Doppler Maps—an open-source tool based on D3.js for generating lightweight and responsive choropleth maps.

This project was commissioned by Code for Africa.

Data visualization dashboard of LNBSR

I implemented the data visualization component of LNBSR — a web application for the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) chapter in Lebanon to consolidate data on bariatric surgery across the country.

This project was commissioned by Dr. Georges Khazen.


I worked with IdeatoLife as a front-end developer to build the website for Elevator Express—a Dubai-based start-up acting as the online meeting point for professionals and companies working in the elevator industry across the world.

Unfortunately, the website I built has been replaced by a newer one but the screenshots on the left can still show you how it looked like.

Data Visualization Dashboard

I was hired by a client in the U.S. through Upwork to built a data visualization dashboard prototype using C3.js. The prototype provides analytics and insights similar to Google Analytics.