Chafic Najjar

I'm a freelance front-end web developer based in Byblos, Lebanon. I work with various local and long-distance clients to build responsive, performant and usable websites and web applications, with most of my projects involving data visualization.

Latest client work

I implemented Doppler Maps—an open-source tool based on D3.js for generating lightweight and responsive choropleth maps.

I implemented the data visualization component of LNBSR — a web application for the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) chapter in Lebanon to consolidate data on bariatric surgery across the country.

Latest articles

  • Generating Planetary Terrain Procedurally

    Like all computer science majors set to graduate this year, I have a capstone project to prepare. If you haven’t already guessed, mine is all about procedural generation. I choose a project that can be completed within four months in spite of my limited knowledge of computer graphics. My project is to procedurally generate terrain, wrap it around a sphere and then call it a planet.


Latest experiments

d3.carte is a JavaScript library to create reusable geographic maps using D3.js.

Random data visualization experiments with D3.js including basic charts, graphs and interactive maps.