Welcome to my corner of the web.

I'm Chafic Najjar, a freelance front-end developer based in Lebanon.

During the past 6 years, I've worked with companies like Gradle Inc., Maalka, Code for Africa, TeensWhoCode, Rockt, LNBSR and IdeaToLife to develop responsive, fast and maintainable user interfaces for the web.

I'm also the founder of webcomic.app, a website to create and publish motion comics. Motion comics are webcomics that make use of motion and sound.

My technology stack is HTML, Sass, JavaScript (ES6+), React, MDC Web, GraphQL, Apollo, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, gulp, webpack, Heroku and AWS S3. I also sometimes use D3.js, Redux and Jekyll. My resume lists everything I can do.

Here's a little bit more about me.

Chafic Najjar

Photo taken at Data4Change 2016

I live in a small town that hosts more sheep than people. I'm 26 years old but people think I'm 22. I speak English, French and Arabic but I'm not fluent in any of those languages.

In high school, I taught myself how to code with C++ because I wanted to make video games. I then read Masters of Doom, which really made me want to make video games. I chose to study computer science at university and made games on the side, like a Pong clone, a Tetris clone and a procedurally generated 3D planet.

Before graduating, I started to notice how capable websites were becoming. I could even make video games in the browser! So I decided to become a web developer instead and started to take on freelance work. Lately, I've also become interested in back-end development, product design, UI/UX design, growth marketing and digital illustration.

I like to go run after spending the whole day sitting hunched over my laptop. Sometimes, I take my headphones with me to listen to podcasts. A few other things I like include Arch Linux, the game Risk of Rain, the manga One-Punch Man, and Sakuga Animation.