Welcome to my corner of the web.

I'm Chafic Najjar or شفيق نجار and I'm a freelance front-end web developer based in Lebanon.

During the last 3 years, I've worked with companies like Gradle Inc., Code for Africa, TeensWhoCode, LNBSR and IdeaToLife to build fast, responsive and maintainable user interfaces for the web.

I'm also the founder of motioncomics.io, a web application to add motion and sound to webcomics.

You can find me on Twitter, read my code on GitHub or reach me at chafic.najjar@gmail.com.

About me

Chafic Najjar

I'm 24 years old and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. When I was 15, I read the book Masters of Doom, took interest in game development and taught myself how to code in C++. Once I realized game engines were not being written from scratch anymore, I shifted my interest to front-end development and recently started learning back-end development with Node.js.

A few things I really like: the OS Arch Linux, the game Risk of Rain, the front-end development newsletters Frontend Focus and CSS Weekly, the manga One-Punch Man, and Sakuga Animation.

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